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Amanda Stokes

3 to Thrive Monthly Subscription

3 to Thrive Monthly Subscription

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Welcome to 3 to Thrive, the game-changer in promoting emotional intelligence, holistic wellbeing, and balanced family life.

Let's be honest, life is hectic for many of us, and in the fast paced environment we live in, it can be challenging to catch our breath, let alone focus on our own needs. 

After listening to hundreds of women discuss the mental load and the overwhelm, I thought 'What can I do to support change?'

That's when 3 to Thrive was born.

I believe that dedicating just three minutes of your day, five days a week, can make a profound impact. With our expert-curated electronic subscription, you'll gain access to a rich array of resources, and practical tips for enhancing emotional resilience for both you and your family.

If you're ready to step up your life game and reduce the noise and overwhelm, then you'll want to join a growing movement of empowered women committed to cultivating a calmer and more fulfilling lifestyle. Discover the power of dedicating just a few minutes to yourself and watch as your relationships and overall wellbeing flourish. Begin your journey to a more balanced and fulfilling life with 3 to Thrive today!

When you subscribe to 3 to Thrive, you will receive a fortnightly beautifully and thoughtfully produced booklets filled with information, inspiration and motivation, plus lots of opportunities to put the learning into practice.

Amanda Stokes is an Emotional Intelligence Educator and Leadership Consultant, with over 20 years experience supporting women and families. 

Join 3 to Thrive now. 

No lock in contracts, cancel anytime.


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