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  • Are you unhappy with your body and feel uncomfortable in your skin?
  • Do you feel like a total failure because you can’t lose weight or can’t maintain the momentum of diets?
  • Are you exhausted by fad diets and unsustainable exercise regimes?
  • Are you wracked with guilt and fear because you know your girls are watching, absorbing and copying your behaviours around food and body image?

If this resonates with you, you’re not alone. These are some of the most common and persistent challenges mums with food issues face.

How would it be if you could give your young daughters the key to freedom through confidence, body awareness and a healthy relationship with food?

As a result, I have created the 4MYTU Framework to help mums overcome their issues and give their daughters the gift of shared freedom around food and body image:


Do you embrace your body?
What kind of messages about food and body acceptance are you subscribing to and unknowingly sharing with your daughter?


A mirror’s inability to see the inside is a reflection of society’s view on body image.

The Mirror Movementâ„¢ is a campaign to turn the way we see body image upside down. The first step is to peel back the layers of our own story. What teachings did we inherit about food, looking good and body acceptance? Who were we mirroring when we were growing up, and what factors got us off track?

This deep knowing allows us to develop a new relationship of appreciation – and forgiveness – for our body and to finally make peace with food. Only by overcoming low self esteem and enjoying body confidence can you become a positive mirror model for your daughters.


The Mirror Movementâ„¢ is a 4-step self-awareness philosophy. You will shift your negative patterns and move from low self esteem to clarity, comfort and confidence around body image. What greater gift can there be to pass on to the next generation of women in your family?



Here we explore inter-generational patterns and habits around food and body image as I draw on my experience as a mother with daughters and as a woman who has successfully battled a 20-year eating disorder.



As mothers, we want to give our children the best chance we can. But we need to look within first. Just like on a plane, we are told, in case of emergencies, to put on our own oxygen mask first, before helping others. So too as mothers, we need to deal with our own challenges before we can fully support our daughters. We must lead by example.



We delve into the massive impact we have on our daughters around food and body image. These fresh understandings will help us create new norms and the opportunity to empower girls to experience freedom from these issues.



Collaboration is key. We as a community of mothers will learn how to best support each other and our daughters to ultimately re-shape the way society addresses food and body image for positive self esteem.


MY MISSION is to help change the future for our daughters one mother at a time. The Mirror Movementâ„¢ Philosophy is for Me, for You, for Them and for Us.


Positive Body Image Starts in the Home