Mirror Mirror On My Wall 

This book is for all women wanting to give themselves, and their children, the best chance at self-acceptance.

Drawn from a lived experience, readers will increase their awareness about how to challenge past habits and understandings and cultivate a positive sense of self.

I have written this book for women who are afraid that their children are watching them, mirroring their unhealthy behaviours around food and negative body image. It’s for women wanting to know how to raise strong, body confident girls and boys, comfortable in their own skin.

It’s time to create new norms around food and body image and empower women with a new set of skills to set them up for being their children’s positive mirror model.


Mirror Mirror On My Wall is a guide for mothers who are looking to become positive mirror models for their children.

Amanda shares the story of the influence her mother’s dieting ways had on her life, and of the impact she began to have on her own young daughter.

Amanda takes us on a journey of self-discovery, as she confronts her past in order to clear the way for a more balanced future, not only for herself, but for her daughters.

Mirror Mirror On My Wall is a story of self-acceptance, forgiveness and kindness.

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“Amanda’s book spoke directly to my heart. I cried, I resonated, I laughed and I realised I need to get my daughters back the mum they deserve, and not only for what they deserve, but for what I deserve too. I thank you with all my heart for your support and your strength in writing this phenomenal book.”

“Amanda writes with so much simplicity and honesty. I highly recommend Amanda’s book to help you guide the young girls in your lives to develop a love for their body shape, and a healthy relationship with food.”

“I absolutely loved this book and think that it’s a must read for any parent. I learnt so much about how I speak about my body effects my children. I also learnt some important lessons and tips about ditching diets and simply adopting a healthy lifestyle. A great read!”

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This book addresses the issues faced by so many mothers living with food and body image issues, as they face the challenge of bringing up their young daughters in a world focused on appearance and driven by the quest for perfection. In order to give the next generation of young girls who will be tomorrow’s women a better chance, it is imperative that today’s mothers are supported in dealing with their own issues surrounding food and body image.

This book is a unique approach as it is based on a real mother’s change, as she reflects on her past and looks to the future for her daughters, as she confronts the diet myths that held so much power over her, and her mother before her’s life. It is thoughtful, real and inspiring.

This book is a practical and powerful guide for mothers wanting to reflect health and positive body image for their daughters.

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I believe together, we can change the future, one mother at a time, one daughter at a time


Positive Body Image Starts in the Home