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Do you embrace your body?
What kind of messages about food and body acceptance are you subscribing to and unknowingly sharing with your daughter?

Mirror Mirror On My Wall is a guide for mothers with food and body image issues who are looking to make changes in order to become positive mirror models for their daughters. Amanda shares her story, and together we arrive at a new destination, a place of self-acceptance and of kindness, a place that enables us to position ourselves as leaders of change around food and body image for the next generation of daughters and for future generations to come.

The time is right to debunk diet myths, to once and for all put an end to our flawed perceptions of beauty, to form new, safer ways of being that not only empower mothers, but also support mothers to empower their daughters through mirroring a healthier approach.

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This book addresses the issues faced by mothers who have lived and are living with food and body image issues, as they face the challenge of bringing up their young daughters in an image obsessed world. If we want to give the next generation of young girls who will be tomorrow’s women a better chance, it is imperative that today’s mothers are supported in dealing with their own issues surrounding food and body image.

This book is a unique approach as it is based on a real mother’s change, as she reflects on her past and looks to the future for her daughters as she confronts the diet myths that had so much power over her, and her mother before hers life. It is thoughtful, real and inspiring.


I am Amanda Stokes, a mother, an educator and mentor in the field of inter-generational body acceptance and positive self image. A champion of raising strong daughters.

As the founder of the Mirror Movement™, I specialise in working with mums who want their pre-teen daughters to feel confident about their bodies, yet who are themselves trapped in a cycle of body dissatisfaction and shame around food.

I support mums to become positive role models for their daughters during the most developmentally important, and impressionable, pre-teen stage of their lives.

I have written this book for mothers who have and are suffering with food and body image issues. I have written this book for mothers who are afraid that their daughters are watching them, mirroring their unhealthy behaviours around food and negative body image and have nowhere to turn until now.

I provide the reader with:

Drawn from a lived experience, readers are supported as they reflect on their behaviours that contribute towards a positive sense of self, challenging past habits, questioning previous understandings learned through our obsession with the diet industry, and collaboratively creating new norms. Mothers will be left with a sense of empowerment and a new set of skills that set them up for being their daughter’s positive mirror model.

This book is a practical guide for helping mothers who suffer from food and body image issues, address their behaviours to become positive mirror models for their daughters.

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I believe together, we can change the future, one mother at a time, one daughter at a time


Positive Body Image Starts in the Home