I’m Amanda Stokes.

I am a passionate educator and mentor in the field of inter-generational body acceptance and positive self image. My passion is working with mothers to help raise strong daughters.

As the founder of the Mirror Movement™, I specialise in working with mums who want their daughters to grow up with confidence, kindness and self acceptance.

I support mums to become positive role models for their daughters during the most developmentally important, and impressionable stage of their lives.

It takes a village to raise kind kids and it’s only when we know better that we can do better.

The Mirror Movement is a place of love, support and acceptance and is based on the understanding that we are all doing the best job we know how.

I want us to stand up for our daughters, and empower them to have the start we might not have had ourselves. My own personal story, is one of growing up with a mother who dieted and battled with her body. My own poor body image started early, with the subtle, unconscious messages I received in childhood.

I don’t believe I was ever taught to love myself just as I was.

The Mirror Movement is based on all the messages I wish I’d received when I was growing up. It’s messages of us being good enough just as we are, of health not having a size and of us being so much more than our bodies.

The intergenerational struggle with self acceptance and body image is real. Our daughters mirror our behaviours because they want to be like us. The change needs to start with us so we can become better role models for our daughters.

The Mirror Movement™ is a call for change.

We need this movement, and other healthy mind and body campaigns like it, because:

  • Now, more than ever, we live in a time where so much of a female’s worth is centred around her appearance
  • We are constantly bombarded with distorted messages that reinforce our ‘negative’ body image and with diets reminding us that we aren’t good enough
  • Young children are rarely exposed to real women’s shapes and body sizes, so it’s no wonder they’re confused about how they should look. They are not told ‘you are beautiful’ no matter what your shape or size.
  • This generation of girls is experiencing a world unlike any other, full of photoshopped, unrealistic body images and expectations. It’s a world where their self worth is determined by the number of likes on social media.

Raising strong daughters is one of the most important things we can do. Are you ready to educate your daughter by modelling kindess towards your own body, by speaking positively about yourself and loving who you are?

Let’s be the change.

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I believe together, we can change the future, one mother at a time, one daughter at a time


Positive Body Image Starts in the Home