21 Tips To Take into the New Year

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21 Tips To Take into the New Year

Things to remember as 2018 draws to a close and we head into the New Year

1. The size of your body doesn’t make you any less or any better than anyone else
2. The size of your body is the least interesting thing about you
3. You don’t need to preface any food choices with “I’ll start my diet next week”
4. It’s okay to not love your body, but working towards neutrality is important
5. Feeling full is normal, and fat is not a feeling
6. You are allowed to eat and enjoy your food free from guilt
7. People who are smaller than you who complain about how fat they are, aren’t talking about you
8. We are all a little twisted thanks to diet culture
9. You don’t have to follow the social media accounts that make you feel like your body isn’t good enough
10. Stop using exercise as a punishment for what you ate, instead move towards celebrating your body with movement that you enjoy
11. Stop the critical voice in your head, it’s time to get that bitch on side!
12. Say one positive thing to yourself in the mirror each morning, and it’s even better if your kids are nearby to hear you
13. Start seeing yourself as someone you need to care for. When we treat ourselves as someone we love instead of as an afterthought, the game changes
14. Be prepared to accept that you’re only human; you can do your best, but you can’t do more than that
15. Stop being a people pleaser. It’s okay to say no. You are important and it’s more than alright to put your own needs ahead of others
16. Self-care is imperative. Let go of the idea that it’s selfish, and embrace caring for yourself without justification
17. Become more assertive. Your voice matters.
18. Make a list of the top 5 things you need and then work towards getting them
19. If you need help, ask for it. No one expects you to have it all together; we’re all shit at something
20. Accept that you’re good enough already. Tell diet culture to FU@% OFF!
21. Go back to Number 1 and repeat!

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