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Raising girls today is hard work. There is more pressure than ever before for our young girls to look and act a certain way. They are under greater social media influence than any other generation of young girls before them, and as parents it can be hard to know where to turn.

As a long time educator and mother to 3, I am passionate about the importance of supporting our girls through the pivotal 8-12 years, often known as the tween age years. It’s a challenging time for all involved. There are friendship issues as our girls assert themselves and try to find their place in the world, there are outbursts and emotional meltdowns as hormones surge through their rapidly changing bodies, and it’s a time where our daughters become self-conscious for the first time.

As mothers it’s a tough time too. What should we allow and not allow when it comes to behaviour? How do we maintain effective communication with our daughters? How do we set up a positive relationship with them as they head ever closer to the Teen Years?

The way we handle this time matters.

Strong Women Raising Strong Girls is an opportunity to join a supportive community that makes space for mums wanting to know how to raise strong, empowered girls. It is a place of support, of learning and of growth. I honestly believe that we are all doing the best job we know how, but it’s not until we know better, that we can do better.

That’s where I can help.

I am an Educator, Author and Presenter with over 15 years’ experience working with young people in both the Education and Healthcare systems, a Counsellor and mother to 3. I help mothers and daughters get the conversation started around self-acceptance and kindness. I support mothers who crave honest, open and meaningful connections with their daughters.

Think back to when you were your daughter’s age. What are the things you wish your mother knew about you? What are the things you wish you’d been told? That’s where Strong Women Raising Strong Girls comes in.

By joining this important community, you are becoming part of the change. As mothers we want our daughters to be themselves, to take chances, to be accepting of their humanness,

and I want nothing more than to help you give your daughter just that. Together we can raise happy, confident daughters who are comfortable in their own skin.

It really does take a village and that’s exactly what I have created.

The Strong Women Raising Strong Girls Membership, gives you access to powerful presentations, fortnightly newsletters with actionable tips and strategies, and opportunities to privately share your challenges for discussion in our weekly Friday night LIVE session in our Exclusive, Members only Facebook Group.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Mirror Movement’s Best Selling Book


The Mirror Movement™ is based on the understanding that from the earliest age, our daughters are learning what ‘normal’ is from us as they mirror our behaviour.

Raising strong, resilient and confident daughters is not easy.

At a time where society is so focused on external appearances, where images are photo shopped, and where fake is the new normal, we want to make sure our young girls grow up with a positive relationship with food and their bodies.

We want them to have self respect and love who they are.

Our Movement is founded on the belief that…healthy comes in all shapes and sizeswe are all meant to look different, and the importance of kindness.

It’s time we worked together to debunk the myth that we aren’t already good enough. There are too many industries profiting off of our vulnerabilities and insecurities. Let’s work together to empower our daughters to become critical and informed thinkers.


MY MISSION is to help change the future for our daughters one mother at a time. The Mirror Movement™ is for Me, for You, for Them and for Us. By empowering mums to create change within, we empower our daughters by providing them with a positive mirror from which to view themselves. 

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